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Paying for your bed

You will be sent an invoice through Paypal. Don't worry if you do not have a PayPal account. You can log in as a guest and pay with your card details as you would anywhere else and it's 100% secure. 


Q: What size should I buy my dog?

A: We advise you to measure your dog’s height - paws to top of their head and their length - nose to bottom. Based on those measurements you will be able to work out if they will be able to lay down stretched out on the bed. If you’re unsure which size to order please just contact us 

Q: Why are Woof~Beds better than any other dog bed for my dog?

A: Because Woof~Beds are a 100% Memory Foam mattress and give the best support to your dog whilst they’re resting.

Q: Why is memory foam good for dogs?

A: Memory foam is as good for dogs as it is for us humans. We all know what it feels like to have an uncomfortable night’s sleep and how stiff we feel upon waking. It’s the same for our dogs too and that’s why they love to sleep on our beds and sofas.

Q: My dog is only 1 year old, do I really need a memory foam bed for them?

A: Yes. Woof~Beds are not only really good for supporting healthy joints in older dogs but are really great at giving the best support to your dogs joints while they are young and still developing.

Q: What foam do you use in the beds?

A: Our beds are made from the same memory foam that you would have on your own bed. It’s medium density which gives maximum support and allows your dog to be able to spring in to action when ready to play.

Q: I’ve seen memory foam ‘crumb’ foam beds. Are they the same as yours?

A: No, our beds are made from a solid memory foam mattress and Do Not sag like memory foam crumb ones do.

Q: How do I keep the Woof~Bed clean?

A: It couldn’t be easier as all our beds have fully removable covers which you can pop straight in the washing machine at 40°c or, in the case of waterproof covers, they just wipe clean.

A few words from Helen & Lenny the Lurcher on owning a Woof~Bed for a year

 " Well I can certainly say that the Woof~Bed is by far the best dog bed ever. Lenny was extremely fortunate in winning one a year ago. When hearing about a memory foam dog bed my initial thought was a dog bed is a dog bed. My lurcher was obviously happier on the sofa, however, Lenny absolutely loves his Woof~Bed and will happily stretch out and nap for hours on there. Give him a toy or a treat and the first place he takes it is his Woof~Bed. It is also brilliant for washing the cover and easy to remove and put back on.  I without doubt recommend them to any dog owner (and human as my husband spends time on there too).  The added bonus is that through the Woof~Bed I have also met a lovely friend in Ninna, a wonderfully kind lady whose passion and love of dogs shines through."