Bespoke Memory Foam Dog Beds

Beautiful, stylish dog beds that are created to fit your lifestyle


Beautiful, high quality materials


Fits right in with the surroundings


Supportive memory foam


A bed for any location
Beautiful, stylish dog beds that are created to fit the aesthetics of your kitchen or your living room, your family saloon or your SUV.

With options to choose from different colours and materials you can have the dog bed that fits right in with your style. 
Award winning Woof~Bed has been providing luxurious, high quality memory foam dog beds since 2012

In 2017 Woof~Bed was selected to create the ultra stylish custom dog bed for the Nissan X Trail 4Dogs concept car.

Tina - Coventry

Our Poodle loves her bed so much and your fabulous customer service was an absolute pleasure to be on the receiving end of! I will recommend you to everyone we know.

Meg - Cornwall

Our Springer Spaniel has turned her nose up at several traditional dog beds so we were a little concerned. However after a good sniff she settled down and was literally asleep in seconds. Thanks to Woof~Bed we're all getting a much better nights sleep now.