Dog Bed Freddy Woof Bed

 Freddy  aka 'The General'

Here in his youth......Never a dull day with Freddy

Dog Bed Pickle Woof Bed

Pickle aka 'Wiggy'

A rare photo, as she hates having her picture taken and runs away at the sight of a camera 

Dog Bed Whizzy Woof Bed

Whizzy aka 'The Black Panther'

Never happier than out at night in stealth mode on her 'Black Ops' around the garden

Dog Bed All Woof Bed

Beach Walkies 

All together a couple of years ago at the beach....Happy wet dogs!



How the Woof~Bed came to be...

The reason this all started is down to my own faithful canine friend, Freddy, a fourteen year old Collie. He had suffered a brain bleed and I had to somehow keep him rested up in peace and quiet away from my other two dogs. Clearly to me, having enough beds was going to be an issue so I had to put my thinking cap on. What was I going to do to keep him comfortable enough ?

I tried to put myself in Freddy's position. I thought about what kept me comfortable, knowing that I would be spending most of my time recumbent. Thankfully, I'd bought a memory foam mattress a few months earlier and the light bulb went on in my head. The properties of memory foam promote a healthy posture and relieve pressure points that lead to aches and pains. If this works for us then surely dogs could enjoy the benefits too.

Before the day was done I had managed to get my hands on some memory foam, made it into a bed for him and he was resting up on his own memory foam bed and well on his way to making an excellent recovery.....

The days soon passed and Freddy was well enough to be back with the girls (Pickle Whizzy) which was great as they had all missed each other. But this posed a new problem as the girls would keep stealing Fred's new bed...Grrr...well there was only one thing for it. I would have to make more so they could all share! The message was clear to me that my dogs were telling me that comfort was important to them too!

Seeing how much my dogs enjoyed their new beds (and even picking them over the sofa to lay on) was a real eye opener to me and is the reason why I wanted to make Woof~Beds available for all dogs to enjoy. Having animals share our lives is such a wonderful feeling and the least we can do in return is give them a full and comfortable life. 

Freddy, Pickle & Whizzy

Freddy is now the grand age of 16yrs as I write this and even though he has arthritis he still manages to give the post man a run for his money! In his early years he was quite a handful, learning very quickly how to open doors and steal food that wasn't meant for him. I will never forget the day he ate a whole tray of eggs (yep, all two and a half dozen) and you can imagine the mess that followed.... we were up all night, but Fred's coat has never been dull since! 

Pickle is 13yrs young. Three parts Springer and one part Collie, the last in the litter and was a small puppy....but not for long. She's no lady and if there's mud she'll find it and want to wear it ! If there's food it's hers and if we're going out for a walk she's out the door before it's even open! She is a very 'chatty' dog and loves to talk to everyone....which can be a little odd when you're out walking. It's a cross between a whine and baby talk, thankfully people seem to just smile politely and say "Isn't that cute"

Whizzy is the youngest at 9yrs. A German Short haired Pointer, she came to us at the age of 3 and was a very nervous girl. She wouldn't go near men and was afraid of she is the complete opposite ! She is always on guard ('The Black Ops' as we call it) and if anything enters the garden it's fair game as she sees it ! With her deep, unladylike bark she's managed to put off many delivery guys but underneath the bark she's a real softy and loves nothing more than to be cuddled.


The Pack Together

That's our pack, a real mix of characters which is why we love them so much. I hope you enjoyed reading about our dogs and please check out our 'links' page. There you will find some links to other pages that you may find helpful.

If you have a site that may be of help to others please email us the link and we would be more than happy to share it.

We are also a bit horse mad too and are lucky to have two wonderful horses, Drum and Chewy.

Drum is an Appaloosa x Thoroughbred and Chewy is a Shire Horse.

More horse info on the links page too.

Freddy sadly passed over the Rainbow Bridge  3/4/2013

At the great age of 17yrs

He will now live on in the inspiration for Woof~Beds

Thank you Freddy for being a wonderful, loyal and loving friend

Gone but never forgotten